How to import products to your Shopify store

Getting access to 7+ million goods and adding them to your store

Once you've completed the registration and synchronization in the 4Partners App, you'll be able to effortlessly import products to your Shopify store.
To get started, in your Shopify settings, fill in the store information, including its name, URL address, and location. Based on this information, the system will automatically calculate shipping methods, costs, and other essential details.

Next, in the Shopify search bar, you need to find the 4Partners app and add it using the "Install the app" button. Upon successful installation, you navigate to the "Shops" section -> Select the store -> Enter the email and password for your 4Partners account, and click on "Sync Shop."

You will receive the following notification as soon as your store in synchronized with 4Partners:
Let's move on to the most exciting part - the import process. The products have already been imported from the 4Partners catalog into the application, and you can check their availability in the "All Products" tab. To start importing the products to your store, go to the "All categories" and select what you want to sell.
In this case, we have navigated to the "Beauty – Make up – Products" category. We select all the available products in this category by clicking the "Select all" button and then proceed by clicking "Add to import."
Please note that the items not yet uploaded to the store are marked "Not imported".

Next, we select products we want to send to a particular Shopify store. We select the items, click on "Send to Shopify" and choose the store from the list - you can send products to multiple stores simultaneously. Then, proceed to click "Submit," and wait for the products to load successfully.
The status is displayed in the following way:
"In 1 of 2 shops" - This means that the product is currently imported and available in one out of the two selected shops.
"In all shops" - This means that the product has been successfully imported and is available in all the selected shops..
Now, let's refresh the page and head to the store. The products will gradually appear there, and the loading process may take a few minutes or more depending on the number of items being uploaded.
Once the products are loaded, you can make changes to their names, descriptions, and even update the photos.
As you can see, it was easy! Start filling your store with products from the catalog and boost your sales in no time!
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