How to install 4Partners App on Shopify

Сhoosing between 3 possible options to get started.

This article will walk you through the process of registering your 4Partners app to work with Shopify. No matter where you start - registering on the app, with Shopify or with 4Partners on the site, the process will be pretty similar. We'll look at 3 possible options:

Option 1: Registration in the app
When you decide to start by registering in the app, it will automatically check if you have an account with 4Partners. If you don't have one, you'll need to go to the 4Partners site and create an account.
Then, you can go back to the app, enter your profile registration details and validate its creation by receiving a verification email to your inbox.
If you registered on the 4Partners site and in the app under the same email account, the profile data will be synchronized automatically. Thus, your account will be activated and you can start setting up your store and importing products for sale.
Option 2: Registration on 4Partners site
When you have already registered with 4Partners, you can safely move on to registering in the app. The app will automatically verify your account and synchronize the data.
Option 3: Registration on Shopify
1) Login to Shopify > Apps.
2) Search for 4Partners in the Search Box.
3) Click Add app to install 4Partners.
4) Click Install app to verify the authorization.
5) Click CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOU to use your Shopify email address to create a 4Partners account or click REGISTER YOURSELF to create an account by yourself.
Make sure to proceed to 4Partners and create an account there.
It's important to mention that if you don't have a 4Partners account, you are still able to sign up in the app, but it'll show you need to create a profile on the 4Partners site. After that, you can upload items from the catalog and submit them to your store.

Best option: We advise you to sign up with 4Partners first before moving on to registering in the app. This way you avoid unnecessary actions and can get started right away.
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