4Partners is a global dropshipping company and a distibutor of high-quality European and American brands. We've created an affiliate program for you to earn unlimited passive income by recommending our service to friends.
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4Partners comprises a team of specialists with extensive experience in e-commerce. In the past 15 years, we have established warehouses in various parts of the world: the USA, Europe, Turkey, China and the UAE. Additionally, we have built a catalog of over 7 million branded goods.

Our logistics system enables us to deliver goods worldwide. We also develop our own IT solutions for e-commerce entrepreneurs, including APIs, a WordPress plugin, a Shopify app, and a 4P CMS. We understand precisely what it takes to launch an online store quickly and efficiently. Our partners can focus entirely on marketing and sales, as we take care of the rest.
in USA, Europe, Turkey, UAE and China
5 warehouses
Branded goods spanning from mass-market to luxury
0 $
World-renowned brands from the USA and Europe
Proven suppliers we have worked with for over 15 years
7+ million
3 pricing plans
Subscription for 4P catalog: 1, 6 and 12 months. From 25$/month.
Free access to prices and range of goods
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Monetize the traffic
Grow their business
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Make passive income
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No matter who you are, you can join our affiliate network and begin monetizing your traffic and audience
Invite your friends and get up to 80%
Dropshippers pay $40 per month to subscribe to the 4Partners catalog, gaining access to place orders and sell products.
Assist and educate the dropshippers you invite, and earn up to 80% of the subscriptions they purchase.

Your income from each paid subscription varies based on your LVL status and referral link settings.
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Recommend the platform to your friends by inviting them via your referral link

Earn up to 80% of each subscription they pay for
WITHIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM, 100% of the subscription fees are paid to our partners
The company earns from the turnover of dropshippers. That's why we pay 100% of the subscription fees to our partners. Increasing turnover through affiliates is a marketing strategy, not a pyramid scheme.
Build a team and earn up to 60%
Now you've got a fully-fledged business – you've helped a friend open an online store, and they've recommended 4Partners to their contacts. You're already managing an entire team
How does this work?

The higher-level partner receives the percentage difference based on their LVL and the level of their referral.
Income from the entire depth of your referrals can be up to 60%.
If they are equal, and the partner has not yet reached VIP 5, they do not receive income from their referral.
Boost your team's potential and earn even more!
Learn how to generate income with 4Partners firsthand
Introduce and guide a friend to earn with us
Instruct your friend on how to guide others
Payouts exceeding $3500 for reaching higher LVLs
Collaboration with us can pave the way for a successful career spanning many years. As our business partners thrive, we offer additional bonuses. Therefore, upon reaching each new LVL status, you will receive a one-time payment.

To achieve each LVL status, you need to accumulate a specific number of points from the 3-tier depth of your partners:
  • 1 point is awarded for a standard subscription,
  • 5 points for a business subscription,
  • 10 points for a premium subscription.

Once the required number of points is attained, a bonus payment will be issued. The points are not forfeited and continue to accumulate. Reaching a new LVL status brings renewed rewards and grants you even greater benefits in terms of percentages for personal invitations and team achievements!
LVL 10
Reach LVL5 and get +1% guaranteed
We've taken into consideration that your friends will be able to quickly catch up with you in terms of LVL statuses. Upon reaching LVL5, you will additionally receive 1% of the value of each subscription from the entire depth.

But if your subordinate partner surpasses you in status, you will stop receiving income from their team.
Calculate your income and turnover!
Profit: 500 000 Р
Receive up to 0.8% from the turnover of your network's goods
When you reach LVL7, you will start receiving a percentage from the turnover of goods generated by your friends on the 4Partners platform.

and earn even more
4P CMS is a professional e-commerce solution for dropshippers! The product is priced at $2000, and upon sale, the person who sold it will receive 40% of the cost without sharing with anyone.
Read here to discover why 4P CMS is the ultimate dropshipping solution.
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