Dropshipping Services User Agreement.
Deste FZ-LLC, Reg. No. 0000004022588, Address: A4-402, Building no. A4 Al Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ, RAK, United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as "Supplier") and a business entity, individual entrepreneur, natural person (hereinafter referred to as Partner) enter into this Agreement on the following terms.
This Agreement is a public and official offer to an unlimited number of persons from among the visitors of this site to use the Supplier's services (public offer).
Terms & Definitions:
Website https://4partners.io/.
Goods - consumer goods intended for personal use of a natural person and not restricted in circulation by the law of the sender's or recipient's country of location, which offer for sale is posted on the Supplier's website.
Parcel - goods delivered by the Supplier to the Recipient.
Recipient - a natural person who ordered Goods from the Partner and is the final Recipient of the Parcel (Buyer).
Customs Representative - a person who provides services for customs clearance of Goods delivered from abroad.
Personal account - personal and not accessible to third parties section of the Website, which serves for the purposes of placing Orders and registration of Services, as well as receiving special offers in accordance with the present Rules, access to which is made after registration by entering the authentication data of the Partner.
Partner's personal account is created when the Partner registers on the website. Partner's personal account can be used only for the purposes of transferring payment for Goods, including by making a deposit (an advanced payment) to the account, as well as for payment for Supplier's services.
Catalog - offers on the Supplier's website for sale of Goods from foreign trading platforms, which are delivered by the Supplier.
1. Subject of the Agreement
1.1. In accordance with this Agreement the Partner, who has access to the Supplier's catalog of goods available for sale, makes transactions on his behalf to sell the Supplier's Goods to Recipients - natural persons. The Partner independently determines the list of Goods, channels and ways of selling the Goods, and receives payment for the Goods from the Recipients. At the same time, the Supplier, on behalf of the Partner, performs legal and other actions aimed at purchasing goods for the Partner, and also organizes the delivery of Goods to the Recipients.
1.2. The Partner confirms that he has all the necessary powers and material resources to execute the assignment under this Agreement.
1.3. Interaction of the Parties shall be effected through electronic communication channels. The Parties acknowledge that the documents received via electronic communication channels have legal force.
1.4. The Partner agrees and grants the Supplier the right to receive, store, process and transfer his personal data.
1.5. The Partner agrees that the Supplier has the right to engage third parties to perform his duties under this Agreement.
1.6. The Supplier reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement, the Tariffs and Terms of Service, in connection with which the Partner undertakes to regularly monitor amendments to the Agreement.
1.7. The Partner accepts the terms of this Agreement and joins it by registering on the website. Amendments to this Agreement are accepted by the Partner by transferring money to the Supplier to his Personal account on the website and/or by transferring an order to the Supplier by pressing the "Add goods" button in his Personal account on the website.
1.8. Under a transaction made by the Partner with a third party who is the recipient of the Parcel, the Partner acquires rights and becomes obligated, even though the Supplier was named in the transaction or entered into a direct relationship with the third party to execute the transaction.
2. Procedure for rendering services
2.1. The Partner completes registration on the website by submitting an application, after which he gets access to his Personal account.
2.2. In order to gain access to place orders to purchase Supplier's Goods, Partner must execute and pay a subscription fee in the manner and amount set forth on the website at https://store.4partners.io/my/tariff. After the subscription is processed and paid for, Partner gets access to the entire assortment of Goods that Supplier can deliver on Partner's order.
Information materials on the Goods are for reference purposes and may not fully represent accurate information on the properties and characteristics of the Goods, including colors, sizes and shapes.
2.3. With the help of integration through API Partner places in his store offers to sell the Goods of the Supplier, indicating the sale price of the Goods, the cost of its delivery to the recipient and customs clearance, taking into account its additional benefit, which is a reward for the Partner, but not lower than the prices set by the Supplier.
The Partner has the right to offer for sale in his store the entire assortment of Goods from the Catalog, or choose some particular groups of Goods.
2.4. The Partner is obliged to track independently changes in the price of the Supplier's Goods specified in the Catalog, as well as to change the selling price of the Goods for end buyers in his store in a timely manner. Responsibility for the discrepancy between the purchase price of the Goods from the Supplier and the sale price of the Goods to the final recipient, as well as the risk of not receiving additional benefits lies on the Partner.
2.5. The Partner sells the Supplier's Goods in its store in his own name, but through the Supplier.
The Partner accepts Orders from the End Buyer and also accepts payment for the cost of the Goods, their delivery and customs clearance to the final recipient.
Upon placing the Order, the Partner asks the Recipient for the information necessary to place the order and deliver the Parcel.
The Partner fills in the electronic Order form for the Goods and sends the created Order to the Supplier.
In order to place an order, the Partner must provide correct information: - delivery data - personal data of the final Recipient.
The Partner is responsible for the correctness of the data provided for the purchase and delivery of the Parcel.
2.6. When placing an Order, the Partner is obliged to transfer to the Supplier the cost of the Goods, specified in the Supplier's catalog, as well as the cost of delivery of the purchased Goods from abroad. The cost of delivery is calculated on the website depending on the weight of the Parcel and delivery address.
Payment for the Goods and delivery costs can be made by the Partner at the expense of deposit funds (advance payment) previously deposited by the Partner to his Personal account.
2.7. The order is considered to be completed when the Supplier receives all the necessary data from the Partner and the payment for the Goods and their delivery.
2.8. The Order cannot be cancelled by the Partner after acceptance of the Order by the Supplier.
2.9. The Supplier, which has accepted the Order from the Partner, shall prepare a Parcel with the Goods ordered for each final recipient.
2.10. The Supplier shall pack the Parcel in such a way as to ensure its safety during transportation.
2.11. Terms of delivery to the final recipient depend on the delivery region and the time required for the processing of the Order by the Supplier and/or the Delivery Service. Approximate time of delivery from abroad of the purchased Goods will be indicated during order placement or in the Personal account on the order web page.
The Supplier is not responsible for the actions of public mail, courier services and transport companies (express carriers) and cannot influence the speed of delivery. Delivery times indicated on the website are for reference only.
The maximum term of delivery of the Parcel is 69 days. In case of violation of the delivery time, Partner has the right to demand from the Supplier to pay penalty at the rate of 0,1% of the cost of the Parcel for each day of delay.
2.12. If it is not possible to send the ordered Goods, the Supplier has the right to unilaterally cancel the specified Goods from the Partner's Order, notifying him by sending an e-mail to the address specified during registration (or by a message in the "Internal mail" section) and return the money within 15 banking days.
2.13. Goods delivered from abroad are subject to customs inspection and clearance at the border crossing.
By paying for the Goods, the Partner grants the Supplier the right to choose a Customs representative to perform customs clearance. Customs representative acts for and on behalf of the recipient.
When placing an order in the Partner's store, the recipient provides his personal data for the purpose of filling in the declaration of goods to move them across the border. The specified information may be provided to the Supplier's affiliates, third parties engaged by the Supplier to organize the delivery and return of the Goods. The Supplier is not responsible for processing of data provided by recipients to the authorized third party and does not participate in these operations in any way.
3. Warranty and Returns
3.1. The Supplier does not guarantee the possibility of returning the Goods, unless the purchase was made when Supplier explicitly states the possibility and conditions of returning the Goods in its description on the website.
3.2. Goods of improper quality for which the Supplier has set a warranty period may be returned if defects are detected during the warranty period.
3.3. Each claim for return of Goods is reviewed by the Supplier on an individual basis. In this case, to review the application for return, the Supplier must be provided with the following data: video footage of the unpacking of the Parcel by the final recipient, detailed photos of detected defects.
3.4. In case of return of the Goods, the cost of delivery of the Goods from the Recipient to the Supplier is paid separately. The cost of delivery to the Recipient is not refundable.
3.5. The Goods cannot be accepted for return in the following cases:
  • The Buyer provides unreliable information that the delivered Goods do not meet the description and/or stated requirements and quality. In such situations the Supplier may request from the Buyer evidence of such discrepancy.
  • The order was actually delivered, but the Buyer for some reason refuses to accept it, or fails to do so, and the order is sent back to the Foreign Seller.
  • The Buyer attempts to make a return of the Goods within a period of time that exceeds the time periods specified in the present Terms.
3.6. Upon approval of the return by the Supplier, the Recipient must return the Goods received to the address provided by the Supplier for return.
3.7. The Supplier independently makes a decision on the issue of refund (procedure and volume of refund) and Goods within each dispute. Refund is made to the Partner within 15 banking days from the date of the decision to refund.
3.8. If the Supplier decides to refuse to return the Goods to the buyer, the Supplier will not reimburse the buyer for the cost of the Goods.
3.9. If the Goods are covered by an international warranty, which will be stated in the description of the Goods, the recipient must contact the warranty center in the country of receipt of the Goods.
4. Force majeure and limit of liability
4.1. The Parties shall be exempt from liability for partial or full default of obligations under this Agreement, if such default is a consequence of force majeure circumstances arising after the conclusion of the Agreement, as a result of extraordinary events, which the participant could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures (force majeure). Such force majeure events include: flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, storm, epidemic and other natural phenomena, as well as war or military actions, etc.
4.2. The Supplier is not responsible for any damage caused to the buyer due to improper use of the Goods purchased on the Website.
4.3. The Supplier shall under no circumstances be liable to the Partner for any damages (other than intentional), including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation, caused by use of the Website.
4.4. Due to the reason that the Goods from abroad are imported directly to the recipient, according to the procedure of importing Goods for personal use, the Supplier does not guarantee the availability of all information and documents that are required under the legislation of the Russian Federation, since the Goods are not intended for trade turnover in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the Supplier takes all measures to provide Partners with all necessary information.
4.5. All information about the Goods in the catalog, including descriptions, photos, images of the logo, Trademark, etc. is placed for information purposes only to provide the Partner and the recipient with the information necessary for them to make a decision about ordering.
4.6. The Supplier is not responsible if delivery of the Goods to the final recipient cannot be made due to decisions and prohibitions of state authorities of the country of departure, the country of delivery and the country of transit of the Parcel, including the imposition of sanctions bans on import of certain groups of Goods.
5. Confidentiality and protection of personal information
5.1. In order to place an order on the Website, the Partner gives the Supplier information about the Recipient, including, but not limited to: Name, Surname, Patronymic, e-mail address, contact phone number, delivery address.
5.2. The Supplier undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Partner about the recipients. It is not considered as a violation for the Supplier to provide information to agents and third parties, acting on the basis of a contract with the Supplier, to fulfill obligations in connection with this agreement.
5.4. The disclosure of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable legal requirements shall not be considered a breach of obligations.
5.5. The Supplier has the right to use cookies (cookies - service information sent by the web server to the user's computer to be saved in the browser. It is used to save data specific to that user and used by the web server for various purposes). Cookies do not contain sensitive information and are not transferred to third parties.
5.6. The Supplier receives information about the IP-address (unique identifier of the device connected to the local network and/or the Internet) of the Website visitor. This information is not used to identify the visitor.
6. Dispute resolution
6.1. In the event of disputes and disagreements related to the implementation of the terms of this Agreement, the parties shall resolve them by negotiation.

6.2. In case of impossibility to solve disputes by negotiations, disputes shall be resolved by court: if the Supplier is a defendant in the dispute, the dispute shall be resolved in Dubai, UAE, applicable law - UAE law, and if the Partner is a defendant in the dispute - the dispute shall be resolved in court at the location of the Partner, in accordance with the laws of the country - place of the dispute.

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