Managing your inventory on 4Partners App

Keeping an eye on your product stock with notification and automatic inventory updates.

For any e-commerce business, maintaining efficient inventory management is a cornerstone of success. In this article, we'll delve into the tools provided by the 4Partners app that can help you streamline your inventory processes on the Shopify platform.

In the 4Partners APP, you can customize the types of notifications you wish to receive: order canceled, order status updated, variation price changed, and variation is out of stock. To start receiving notifications, remember to enable the notification settings in the relevant section.

Inventory Synchronization:
You can configure how to handle scenarios when product quantities reach 0. By default settings, if a product's quantity becomes 0, Shopify's quantity is also updated to 0. Additionally, you can choose to display products again when their quantities go above 0. These settings are applicable to both products and their variations.
Data Synchronization:
You have the freedom to determine whether to refresh your product data. When updates are activated, you gain the ability to specify which data points should be refreshed during parsing products from the 4Partners catalogue:
• Product name.
• Product images.
• Product specifications and descriptions.
• Trade offer information (trade offer variations).
• Product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).
By default, all data updates are active. However, you can deactivate certain updates for specific data categories. Additionally, you can suspend data updates for a specific product during its import process.
Price Synchronization:
You can also set what to do when the price decreases and/or increases:
• Choose whether to change the price.
• Choose whether to retain the old price.
It's also possible to set the percentage decrease/increase threshold that triggers price modification (either a specific value or percentage) and customize separate rules for both price reduction and escalation.
Keep in mind that you can manually update prices no more than once a day. By default, prices and quantities are updated every 12 hours.

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