How do I set a pricing rule on 4Partners App?

Taking advantage of the feature to automate the pricing for your products.
Managing the prices can be a huge hassle when you operate multiple stores. With the 4Partners Pricing Rule feature, you can streamline this process by establishing store-specific pricing strategies and having them automatically implemented on products as you upload them to your stores.

The 4Partners App offers two pricing rules:
  1. Basic
  2. Standard
If you choose the Basic rule, then you can set only one calculation method for all prices in your store: addition (+) or multiplication (x).
In case you choose addition, the amount of X will automatically added to the supplier's price. For example, you type in 10. It means that if the supply cost is $5, the product will be sold for $15 at your store.

In you choose multiplication, the supplier's price will be automatically multiplied by the number you set — 2, 3, 4, and so on. For instance, if a product costs $2, and you type in 3 and save it, the product will be sold for $6.

In the Standard rule, there are also two calculation methods available — multiplication and addition. However, you can add up to 20 price ranges using the "Create a new rule" button.

Let's look at the example. You can specify that for a price range from $0 to $9.99, an additional $5 needs to be added to the cost. If the product originally costs $1, its price in your store will be $6. This is highly convenient - you can set up to 20 different ranges in a similar manner.

You can also configure the display of cents quite easily. You need to enable the corresponding function and specify the value in cents for the final price. For example, 99. If the product price is, let's say, $15.38, it will automatically be rounded to $15.99 when this setting is enabled. Additionally, if you do not wish to alter the original price, just disable this setting.

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